Bring summer to your home – #1 Palm picture

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I don’t know how you feel, but I am still not in summer mood yet. I have no big vacation planned in the next few weeks and the weather in Hamburg is rather mixed. At the same time I am craving for a feeling of ease, joy and fun. As I can’t change the weather, I want to bring this feeling inside my home. This is why I prepared 7 DIY projects for the next seven days. Get inspired to #bringsummertoyourhome.

  1. Source of inspiration

I created a summer mood-board on Pinterest to collect all the interior ideas that inspired me for my seven DIY projects. Furthermore, I found 5 handmade products that could immediately bring summer to your home or get inspired by MONOQI.


  1. Required supplies

MoneyHot Glue Gun sticks: 9,61€ / 20 pieces = 0,24€ per palm picture (1/2 piece)

MoneyDrinking Straw: 0,57€ / (21cm x 35 = 735 cm) = 1,14€ / 1470 cm per palm picture

MoneyCanvas 30 x 30 cm = 1,98€ per palm picture

Total palm picture: 3,36€

search v2 Where to find: 

Søstrene Grene – Drinking Straws

Amazon – Hot Glue GunAmazon – Hot Glue Gun Sticks

NANU-NANA – Acrylic paint & canvas

  1. DIY – Step by Step

DIY step by step – Plam picture

Zeit 240 minutes

4. Results


DIY Palm Picture – Bring summer to your home


DIY Palm Picture – Bring summer to your home

Are you already in summer mood? What do you do to bring summer to your home? Share your pictures with me on Instagram or Facebook: #bringsummertoyourhome


DIY Pinboard made of straws

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In the last few years I got a bunch of “save the date”-cards, wedding invitations, thank you cards and the like. I didn’t want to decorate my nice white walls with colored post cards that do not fit to each other and to my interior. So, I never found the right space for them and threw them away. When the couples visited me after their weddings and could not find their handmade cards, they were upset and I felt bad. This was why I was searching for a flexible and stylish solution that fits to my interior design: Pinboards are a structured way of decorating your wall. In my easy DIY approach, I demonstrate how you get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

On Pinterest I found very nicely decorated Pin Boards that inspired me to do my own one.

2. Materials needed

Money Plastic tubes: 2,99€ / (25cm x 150 = 3750 cm) =  0,39€ per pin board / (24 x 20 cm = 480 cm)

Money Hot Glue Gun sticks: 9,61€ / 20 pieces = 0,16€ per pin board  / 1/3 piece

Money Nylon thread: 2,42€ / 100m = 0,15€ / ~6m

Total cost = o,70€ (excl. Hot Glue Gun) per pin board

search v2 Where to find: 

Amazon – Plastic Tubes or Universal A.I. Sheaths

Amazon – Hot Glue GunAmazon – Hot Glue Gun Sticks

Amazon – Nylon thread

3. DIY – Step by Step


DIY Pin Board made of straws

Zeit 120 minutes

4. Results


DIY Pin Board made of straws @