7 DIY deco tips to bring summer to your home

Allgemein, SUMMER

Summer is a state of mind. To bring summer to your home every day (even if it is raining), you can decorate your home with refreshing summer deco. Below you can find 7 DIY deco tips #tobringSUMMERtoyourHOME. Each tip is linked to an easy step by step guide to help you to get the best results.

#Tip 1 – DIY Palm Picture mad of straws

#Tip 2 – DIY Wall Tattoo Golden Pineapple

#Tip 3 – DIY Strawberry sculpture made of straws


#Tip 4 – DIY Pineapple Showcase

#Tip 5 – DIY Flamingo Print

#Tip 6 – DIY 3D Ice Cream Painting

#Tip 7 – DIY Fan made of Straws