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The beauty of printmaking is that it does not required advanced painting skills. You only need to apply an easy technique like “potato printing”. I first applied this method, when I was in kindergarten preparing presents for my parents. In my easy step by step approach, I show you how to get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

I collected some inspiring printing techniques on Pinterest.

  1. Required supplies

MoneyPost cards: 1,79€ / 25 cards = 0,07€ per card

MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,13€ per card

MoneyPotato 0,35€/ 1kg: = 0,02€

Total cost per card = 0,22 €

search v2 Where to find: 
modulor – Acrylic Paint

3. DIY – Step by Step


DIY Potato Printmaking step by step- Cloud with raindrops

Zeit 30 minutes

4. Results


DIY Printmaking – Clouds with raindrops




Allgemein, Paintings, Printmaking

You are not satisfied with your drawing skills? As I already mentioned, I wouldn’t consider myself as a talented drawer. But that does not mean that I am not creative and not able to make beautiful paintings. It is all about the right technique: the second Printmaking-technique that I would like to introduce to you is called “random items”. So get creative and search some random things at your home that you can use for making your unique prints.

  1. Source of inspiration

I collected some inspiring prints on my Pinterest pinboard and some pictures of items that can be used for printmaking.

  1. Required supplies

MoneyCardboard: 0,35€ per piece = 0,35€ per print

MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,38€ per paint

Money Greek Yoghurt cup (after you ate your Greek Yoghurt :-))

Total cost per fan = 0,73€

search v2 Where to find: 

modulor – Cardboard

modulor – Acrylic Paint

3. DIY – Step by Step


Zeit 40 minutes

4. Results


DIY Printmaking techniques – #1 Linoleum prints

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You are not satisfied with your drawing skills? In the next three blog posts I would like to introduce three printmaking techniques to you that makes your drawing skills irrelevant. I wouldn’t consider myself as a good drawer. It takes me a while to come to a drawing-result that is satisfying my expectations. I really envy the artists, who make a perfect drawing in three minutes. But with printmaking techniques you and I can be as fast as a professional drawer.

The first technique that I would like to show you is “Linoleum Printing”:


DIY Printmaking – Linoleum

I already published a DIY step by step guide on this:BRING SUMMER TO YOUR HOME – #5 DIY FLAMINGO PRINT.


DIY Printmaking – Linoleum step by step

What I really love about linoleum-prints is that you can create a lasting stamp that you can use whenever you feel like it. Just follow the seven steps below to get the best results:

  1. Find a nice motive on Google pictures.
  2. Print a motive with clear contours (e.g. black-and-white pictures).
  3. Cut out the motive.
  4. Use double-sided tape to attach the motive to the linoleum block.
  5. Cut along the motive with a linoleum cutting tool.
  6. Remove the outer linoleum layers and the motive.
  7. Attach a small handle on the backside of the linoleum block (e.g. a piece of wood).

Are you excited to create your own linoleum-stamp now?  Below you can find all required materials:

search v2 Where to find: 

Modulor – Linoleum blockModulor – Cutting tool

Modulor – Acrylic Paint

Modulor – Cardboard



DIY PRINTMAKING – Linoleum print Flamingo

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