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The summer is finally gone and autumn is just ahead of us. Therefore it is getting colder and dark outside. But not inside your home. A nice fall deco is bringing light to your heart and your home. You can easily utilize natural things such as acorn nuts, acorn or maple leafs for the prefect autumn deco. Follow my easy step by step guide to get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

I collected many fall decoration ideas on my DIY Autumn Deko pinboard.

  1. Required supplies

Acorn nuts, acorn and maple leafs – explore the nature outside your home

Acrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,13€ (black and white)

Total cost = 0,13€

 Where to find: 
modulor – Acrylic Paint

  1. DIY – Step by Stepimg_6367img_6368img_6369

    DIY Acron Autumn Deco – Step by step

    Zeit 20 minutes

    4. Results


    DIY Autumn Acron Deco


    DIY Autumn Acron deco


    DIY Autumn Acron Deco



Did you ever find yourself searching for a pen and you could not find one? Pencils are all over the place and never available, when needed. Do you face a similar problem? Then my next DIY project might be a good fit for you: With a pencil cup you can easily organize your pens and always have a place, where you can put them. My easy step by step guide shows to you how to get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

There are many ways to organize your desk. Have a look at my Pinterest board.

  1. Required supplies

Money Masking Tape: 2,99€ / 10m = 0,03 per cup

MoneyCan: Recycle an old food can

MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,13€ per pencil cup

Total cost per pencil cup = 0,16€

 search v2 Where to find: 

modulor – Acrylic Paint

  1. DIY – Step by Step

DIY Pencil Cup – Step by step

Zeit 20 minutes

4. Results


DIY Pencil Cup


The 5 most popular DIY books


Are you also struggling to find new DIY ideas? These five books may help you to get inspired for your next DIY project. I selected the most popular books on Amazon.

5 best DIY Books

The 5 most popular DIY Books –

  1. Hab ich selbst gemacht: 365 Tage, 2 Hände, 66 Projekte“ by Susanne Klingner (8,99€)

This DIY book shows the personal experience of a German journalist, Susanne Klingner, with 66 DIY-projects in different areas of life within one year. This books helps you to come into a DIY mood.

2. “Do It Yourself Möbel: 30 verrückte Projekte” by Christopher Stuart (26,90€)

Christopher Stuart provides step by step instructions for 30 furniture’s of innovative Designers from different countries (in German). The furniture’s are really unique and inspiring for your next DIY project.

3. „Deko aus Beton: Schönes für Garten & Haus selbst gemacht!“ by Sofie Meys (19,90€)

This book is focusing on concrete as newly discovered material for all kind of different DIY décor objects in your home and garden (in German). I shared my personal experience with concrete already on my blog with you: DIY CONCRETE FLOWERPOT.

4. „Alles Paletti!: DIY-Möbel aus Paletten und Weinkisten“ by Claudia Guther (16,99€)

Claudia Guther demonstrates how to build furniture’s with pallets and cases of wine that have a unique look due to their traces of usage (in German). This might be one of our next DIY projects.

5. “Do it yourself-Ideen für Ihr Zuhause: Wohnen im Vintage-Stil (DIY by christophorus)” by Simea Gut (19,99€)

The last DIY book shows you the transformation of an old house into vintage-style palace (in German). It helps you to develop your own style of living.

This list is not complete and I would highly appreciate, if you add your personal best DIY book in the comment section below.