DIY Candlestick made of cement

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It is getting darker and darker outside. I don’t know how you feel, but I am really enjoying the feeling of coming home in this season. It is the perfect time to light some candles and create a cozy atmosphere in your apartment. You never can have enough candles. In my next DIY project, I demonstrate how you can create candle sticks with the help of cement. Follow my easy step by step guide to get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

Find some more inspirations for cement deko on my Pinterest board.

  1. Required supplies

Money Cement: 2,00€ / 1,5kg = 0,33€ / 0,25kg

 MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,08€ (white)

Total cost = 0,41€ per candle stick

  search v2  Where to find: 

modulor – Cement
modulor – Acrylic Paint

  1. DIY – Step by Step

    DIY Candlestick made of cement – Step by step

    Zeit 120 minutes

    4. Results


    DIY Candlestick – Cement


    DIY Candlestick – Cement

My 3 best DIY deco ideas for the kitchen

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Each DIY deco idea is linked to an easy step by step guide that helps you to get the best results:

#1. DIY Herb Garden

#2. DIY Pinboard

#3. DIY Concrete Flowerpot


DIY Kitchen Deco – Concrete Flower pot

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DIY Concrete Flowerpot

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I love the spring season as everything is becoming green. Only my apartment is still in winter mode. So I was searching for some nice plants for my home. For me a plant must bring additional value and should not only look good. So I was searching for herbs and bought a pot of cress. When I was home I realized that I have no pot for such an herb. So I decided to build one by myself with the help of concrete. Following my easy 4 step DIY approach, I demonstrate how you get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

I got inspired by all the nice Pinterest posts that I found, when I was typing in “concrete” and made my own DIY Concrete Deco pin board.

2. Materials needed

Money Concrete: 13,87€ / 2,5kg = ca. 5,55€ per 1kg

Money 2 plastic pots: I took 2 empty pickled cabbage-pots (1 small & 1 bige one)

Total cost = 5,55€ per pot (depending on the size)

search v2 Where to find: 

You can buy concrete already mixed with sand or unmixed. I used unmixed concrete, but I think it is much easier, when you take the mixed version.

Amazon – Concrete

3. DIY – Step by Step


artCREATORblog – DIY Concrete Plant Pot

Zeit 20 minutes (without drying time)

4. Results


artCREATORblog – DIY Concrete Plant Pot