DIY Printmaking techniques – #2Random items

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You are not satisfied with your drawing skills? As I already mentioned, I wouldn’t consider myself as a talented drawer. But that does not mean that I am not creative and not able to make beautiful paintings. It is all about the right technique: the second Printmaking-technique that I would like to introduce to you is called “random items”. So get creative and search some random things at your home that you can use for making your unique prints.

  1. Source of inspiration

I collected some inspiring prints on my Pinterest pinboard and some pictures of items that can be used for printmaking.

  1. Required supplies

MoneyCardboard: 0,35€ per piece = 0,35€ per print

MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,38€ per paint

Money Greek Yoghurt cup (after you ate your Greek Yoghurt :-))

Total cost per fan = 0,73€

search v2 Where to find: 

modulor – Cardboard

modulor – Acrylic Paint

3. DIY – Step by Step


DIY Printmaking Random items

Zeit 40 minutes

4. Results


DIY Printmaking – Random items


DIY Printmaking – Random items