DIY Gift card Mother’s day

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Mother’s day is coming closer and closer… only 3 days left! And as every year I am struggling to find the right gift for my mom. On the one hand my mom is really delighted about flowers. On the other hand this not very creative and personal. That is why I decided to add a nice individual card to the flower gift. In the easy DIY 4 step approach, I am showing you how to build really nice personal gift cards with the help of masking tape.

1. Source of inspiration

I got inspired by all the unconditional love my mom is giving to me. And she never is asking for something in return. A small personal gift card is the least that I can create to show my appreciation.

2. Materials needed

Money Post cards: 1,79€ / 25 cards = 0,07€ per card

Money Masking tape: 5 roles for 6,99€ = 1,40€ per role = ~0,10€ per painting

Total cost per card = 0,17€

search v2 Where to find: 

Amazon – Masking tape gift box Kamoi Paper

3. DIY – Step by Step


DIY step by step – Gift Card Mother’s day

Zeit 30 minutes

4. Results


DIY step by step – Gift Card Mother’s day


DIY gift card Mother’s Day 


DIY step by step – Gift Card Mother’s day