BRING SUMMER TO YOUR HOME – #2 Wall tattoo Golden Pineapple

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“Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!”

This nice quote takes us to the second DIY-project in order to #bringsummertoyourhome. The pineapple is the ultimate summer fruit and always reminds me of sunny days in my childhood. I love the shape of the fruit and have a real crush on pineapple décor. In this blog post you can find an easy step by step guide to make a pineapple wall tattoo with the help of masking tape.

  1. Source of inspiration

In my summer mood-board on Pinterest I collected several pineapple décor ideas. Furthermore, I found a white handmade pillow with a golden pineapple on it.

  1. Required supplies

MoneyKamoi kakoshi Masking Tape: 1,96€ / 10m = ~0,40 per wall tattoo

Total cost per wall tattoo = ~0,40€

search v2 Where to find: 

Amazon – Masking tape gift box Kamoi Paper

  1. DIY – Step by Step

DIY step by step instruction – Wall Tattoo Pineapple

Zeit 90 minutes

  1. Results

DIY Wall Tattoo Golden Pineapple


DIY Wall Tattoo Golden Pineapple

Are you already in summer mood? What do you do to bring summer to your home? Leave your comment or share your pictures with me on Instagram or Facebook: #bringsummertoyourhome

DIY Wall Tatto Golden DIAMOND

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When I moved to my new apartment, the walls were looking really bare and white. But I did not want to hammer too many nails into them. Kristina Dam’s wall paintings inspired me in this case. In my easy DIY 4 step appraoch, I show you how  to decorate your home walls with paper tape without making any holes in the wall.

  1. Source of inspiration
    Screenshot 2016-01-09 20

Kristina Dam | Graphic objects

2. Materials needed



Kamoi kakoshi Masking Tape: 1,96€ / 10m = 0,40 per painting

Total cost per paper tape painting = ~0,40€

Where to find:

Kamoi kakoshi Masking Tape Gift Box

3. DIY – Step by Step


25-30 minutes

4. Results