DIY storage ideas – 1# Shelve modules


Not enough space in your bathroom? This easy DIY storage idea helps you to organize all crèmes, cosmetics and perfumes in your bathroom. The shelves can be easily modified by the number of modules that you add. You can also modify the color of the back and the frontlines. I have chosen an unobtrusive gray for the back and withe for the frontlines.

  1. Source of inspiration

Get inspired by the handmade shelves that I searched for you on Pinterest.

2. Required supplies

Money Cardboard: 0,35€ per piece = 0,35€

MoneyWooden shelve: 5,58€ per piece

MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,03€ per paint

Total cost per shelve = 5,96€

search v2 Where to find: 

Søstrene Grene – Wooden shelve

modulor – Cardboard

modulor – Acrylic Paint

3. DIY – Step by Step


DIY Shelve Modules- Step by step

Zeit 15 minutes

4. Results


DIY Shelve Modules


DIY Shelve Modules

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