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Printmaking is one of the easiest ways to make creative, abstract paintings without being an excellent drawer. I successfully tested two printmaking techniques, linoleum prints and “random items” (links). Today I am going to use a simple potato and a knife to print a postcard. I used to do this before as a little child, when I wanted to prepare some birthday presents for my parents. This only demonstrates how easy this printmaking technique is. In my easy step by step approach, I show you how to get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

I collected some inspiring prints on my Pinterest pinboard for potato printmaking.

  1. Required supplies

MoneyPost cards: 1,79€ / 25 cards = 0,07€ per card

MoneyAcrylic Paint: 3,00€ / 120ml = 0,13€ per card

MoneyPotato 0,35€/ 1kg: = 0,02€

Total cost per card = 0,22 €

search v2 Where to find: 
modulor – Acrylic Paint

Dawanda – Diamond stamp

3. DIY – Step by Step


DIY Printmaking with Potatoes – Steb by step

Zeit 30 minutes

4. Results


DIY Printmakting with Potatoes – Diamond

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