DIY Kubus Candlestick – Easy step by step approach

Candlesticks, Decor

For this DIY project I got inspired by the Danish architect Mogens Lassen. He was a pioneer of Danish Functionalism and was influenced by the German design school Bauhaus. I love the clarity and simplicity of his designs. Especially his Kubus 4 candlestick is outstanding.

  1. Source of inspiration

After getting inspired by Mogens Lassen, I made a new pinboard on Pinterest with candlesticks that I want to rebuild.

  1. Required supplies

 Hot Glue Gun sticks: 9,61€ / 20 pieces = 0,16€ per candlestick(1/3 piece)

Plastic tubes: 2,99€ / (25cm x 150 = 3750 cm) =  0,38€ per candlestick/ 472cm

  1. Outer cube: 12 x 20 cm
  2. Inner Cube: 8 x 15cm, 4 x 20cm
  3. Connections between outer and inner Cube: 8 x 4cm

Nylon thread: 2,42€ / 100m = 0,13€ / ~5,5m per candlestick

Tea candle: 2,99€ / 30 piece = 0,40€ per candlestick

Total Kubus candlestick: 1,07€

 Where to find: 

Amazon – Plastic Tubes or Universal A.I. Sheaths

Amazon – Hot Glue GunAmazon – Hot Glue Gun Sticks

Amazon – Nylon thread

  1. DIY – Step by Step

DIY KUBUS Candlestick – Step by step

Zeit 100 minutes

4. Results


DIY Kubus Candlestick – artCREATORblog


DIY Kubus Candlestick – artCREATORblog

Now it is up to you. Make your own Kubus candlestick and share your results with me on Facebook.

Did you like this DIY project? I would be very grateful, if you share your feedback with me below:

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