My 3 best ideas for pimping up your home with Washi Masking Tape

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#1 Painting with Masking Tape

My painting skills are at an average level, but not very advanced. Once I am finishing a work of art, I am hesitating to put it on my wall. The results simply do not meet my expectations and satisfy me. Then I found an easy technique to paint beautiful pictures without tremendous creativity or very good painting skills: Masking tape really helps you to get perfect paintings that can be adapted easily to fit your interior.

DIY Painting with Masking Tape - Geometric objects

DIY Painting with Masking Tape

#2 Decorate objects/walls with Masking Tape

I easily get bored of my interior design. There are for example this white picture frames that are just inexpressive. As you might know, I love to redecorate my interior on a frequent basis. So for me Masking tape is the perfect tool to stimulate my creativity: The good thing about it is, that you can easily remove it. You can try as many things as you want until you get your perfect results. Especially on the wall this is a major advantage.

DIY Decorate objects with Masking tape - Picture frame, clothespin & wall

DIY Decorate objects with Masking tape

#3 Stripe up your life with Masking tape

I also use Masking tape to draw clear lines. It is the same principle that I am using for pictures. But it can be extended to different objects at your home. I tried it with candle sticks, clothespins and herb pots. I really love the simplicity of the design. So stripe up your home with Masking tape.

DIY Stripe up your home - Candle sticks, clothespin & herb pots

DIY Stripe up your home

Where do you find Masking tape?

The easiest way is to buy it on Amazon. I can highly recommend the Kamoi Kakoshi Masking Tape Gift box to you. There you get 5 different roles for a reasonable price.

If you want me to explore more ways of using Masking tape at your home, please like this post or give me a comment.


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