DIY Wall Tatto Golden DIAMOND

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When I moved to my new apartment, the walls were looking really bare and white. But I did not want to hammer too many nails into them. Kristina Dam’s wall paintings inspired me in this case. In my easy DIY 4 step appraoch, I show you how  to decorate your home walls with paper tape without making any holes in the wall.

  1. Source of inspiration
    Screenshot 2016-01-09 20

Kristina Dam | Graphic objects

2. Materials needed



Kamoi kakoshi Masking Tape: 1,96€ / 10m = 0,40 per painting

Total cost per paper tape painting = ~0,40€

Where to find:

Kamoi kakoshi Masking Tape Gift Box

3. DIY – Step by Step


25-30 minutes

4. Results




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