Organic Paintings, Paintings

Are you searching for individual paintings that make your home a special place? If you also struggle to find the perfect picture that fits well into your interior design, I found an easy way for you. Please follow my DIY 4 step appraoch to get the best results.

  1. Source of inspiration

#Organic forms #Painting #DIY #Acrylic painting #Canvas

Source of inspiration – DIY Painting of organic forms

my DIY Inspiration pinboard

2. Materials needed

#DIY #Organic forms #Painitng #acrylic paint

Materials – Painting of Organic forms Part 2

Money Canvas 40 x 60 cm: 9,96€

Money Acrylic paint: 2 x 2,50€ per bottle = ~0,50€ x 2 = 1,00€ per painting

Total cost per painting = ~10,96€

search v2 Where to find:

NANU-NANA – Acrylic paint & canvas

Amaton – Canvas 40 x 60cm

Amazon – Decormatt Acrylic Paint

3. DIY – Step by Step

#DIY #Painting #Organic forms #acrylic paint

DIY step by step – Organic forms Part 2

Zeit 30 minutes

4. Results

#DIY #Painting #organic #black #white #acrylic #blackwhite

DIY Painting organic forms – Part 2

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