DIY DIAMOND Designer Lampshade Part 1

Lighting design, Pendants

When I moved to my new appartment, the last thing I was thinking of was the lighting. After spending a great deal of money for furnitures, there was nothing left for the really nice JSPR designer lamp that I desired. This is why I tried to find a way to create a lampshade like this on my own. In this post I would like to share with you my easy DIY 4 step approach.

  1. Source of inspiration

Inspiration_Diamond Lampshade

DIAMONDS by JSPR & my DIY Inspiration pinboard

2. Materials needed

Material_Lamp 1

Money Plastic tubes: 2,99€ / (25cm x 150 = 3750 cm) =  0,57€ per lampshade / 720 cm

Money Hot Glue Gun sticks: 9,61€ / 20 pieces = 0,48€ per lampshade / 1 piece

Money Nylon thread: 2,42€ / 100m = 0,22 / ~9m

Total cost per lampshade = 1,27€ (excl. Hot Glue Gun, lamp holder)

search v2 Where to find: 

Amazon – Plastic Tubes or Universal A.I. Sheaths

Amazon – Hot Glue GunAmazon – Hot Glue Gun Sticks

Amazon – Nylon thread

3. DIY – Step by Step

#diy #lamshade #lampdesign #diamond

DIY Lampshade – Step by step

Zeit 180 minutes

4. Results


DIY Designer Lampshade DIAMOND

#diy #lampshade #lampdesign #diamond

DIY Designer Lampshade DIAMOND

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