Decor, Gift cards

When the Christmas time drew closer, I was thinking about sending gift cards to my beloved ones. But I did not want to buy an unpersonalized card in the store. Right on the contrary, I wanted to create something individual for each of my relatives. I found a quick way to create cards in an easy DIY 4 step approach with the help of paper tape.

  1. Source of inspiration

WASHI Paper tape

Poetry Paper Tape – Rico Design / WASHI Tape / my DIY Inspiration pinboard

2. Materials needed

Money Post cards: 1,79€ / 25 cards = 0,07€ per card

Money Paper Poetry Tape: 2,99€ / 10m = 0,01 per card

Total cost per card = 0,08€

search v2 Where to find: 

Idee – Online shop paper tape

Amazon – WASHI tape

#diy #gift card #paper tape #geometric

DIY Gift cards Paper tape – Step by step

3. DIY – Step by Step

Zeit 5 minutes

4. Results

#diy #gift card #paper tape #geometric

DIY Gift card Paper tape




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